Ballooning is a safe and fun activity for people of all ages, but it is an outdoor adventure and there are some individuals for whom ballooning may not be appropriate.

Infants and toddler, pregnant women, individuals who have back, knee and/or heart related problems, and people suffering from chronic pain or who have had recent major surgery, will not be allowed on board.

If you have a medical problem which could cause discomfort or be aggravated during flight and landing, please consult your physician in advance.

Minimum age for children is 4 years old.

Persons that exceed 105 kg must communicate it as soon as possible as special conditions or a supplement on the price may apply for group flights.

Cancellation Policy

Although we will do our best to enable the scheduled flight from the scheduled launch sites, wind and weather conditions or logistical factors may require us to fly from a different field or cancel/reschedule the flight.

If the Pilot has to cancel due bad weather conditions or technical reasons, your flight will be rescheduled to the next mutually convenient day. If there is no alternative date due to the availability of both parties, in the event of final cancellation, we will refund what was paid.

Once the reservation is confirmed changes of passenger’s names or flight type are possible up to 4 days before flight (according to space and availability). Some charges or a different tariff may apply.

Passenger’s own cancellation or changes to their booking such as reduction of number of passengers must be received with at least 96 hours (4 days) notice not to incur in any penalty fee. Full refund of what was paid will be processed if communication via email is sent up to 4 days prior to date of flight.

If passengers cancel in the four days prior to the scheduled flight , full tariff payment will be required (no refund).

If at their scheduled time to fly, passengers are no-call no-show, and fail to use the balloon basket space for which the booking was made, the ticket is lost and is not refundable. Out standing balance will be due.

All fares relating to your reservation must be paid before boarding the balloon.

No booking is confirmed without payment and all requested details.


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